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Local businesses/employers have offered the following Work Experience/Work Placement opportunities for students at our school. Please see me if you are interested in any of these:

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Industry: Defence Force RAAF East Sale
Type of Opportunity: Work Experience
Start Date of Opportunity: 2-5 May
Duration of Opportunity: 4 days (3 nights)
No. of Days per Week:
Town/Suburb: Sale
Description of Opportunity: This exclusive opportunity to experience a taste of life as an Air Force Pilot with flight camp. Serving pilots will talk about their roles and personal experiences as well as a comprehensive overview of life in the Air Force particularly as a Pilot. The program includes flying in a aircraft and flight simulator, as well as lots of other really cool things.
Student Requirements: Only open to women aged 16-24 and considering a future with the Air Force.
Applicants must be studying advanced maths (methods or spec)

How to Apply: